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Welcome to Golf Is A Funny Game's world famous collection of Funny Golf Pictures.
Whether you're a professional golfer, a weekend hack, a golf fan or just someone who likes funny pictures, we've got plenty of funny golf pictures and
humorous golfing images you're sure to enjoy.  We've scoured the internet to find some of the funniest golf pix around, added our own mix of insightful
commentary and humorous observations, creating a truly transcendent experience.  So without further ado, let's jump right into the collection of outrageously
awesome golf pictures and images.
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Funny Golf Images, Humorous Golf Images
Hilarious Golf Pictures, Golf Humor
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1.) Let's start off our collection of funny golf pictures with a fairly mild picture of a young couple enjoying a fall afternoon at
their local driving range.  He's attempting to help her iron out any kinks in her swing.  Love is in the air...

Ok, we don't know what it is about midgets (sorry, little people) that's so damn funny, but the thought of them golfing just
blows our minds.  Let's see how many crude and tasteless jokes we can post about this pic...
1.) They're not real big off the tee, but man, do they have a great short game.
2.) That dude's a real wizard at reading greens...and he doesn't even have to squat down to do it.
3.) 2 words...Mini Golf.
4.) At least they don't need phone books and wooden blocks on their feet to drive the golf carts (ok, maybe the wooden
5.) When Stuart's dreams of becoming an NBA player were crushed, he turned to golf to feed his competitive fire.

Ok, next pic...


2.) I think we all know how much ladies love the man sausage, but do we really need to make their tournament prize trophies
into giant glass dildos?  Check out the chick below gently kissing her 'victory phallus' while simultaneously working the shaft
with her off hand.  Clearly, this is not her first rodeo.

What's next, the LPGA US Open champ gets a crystal life-size replica of Ron Jeremy's junk?  Maybe that's what it's going to
take for Michelle Wie to finally win a tournament...


3.) Next up, two revolutionary ideas that could help the average golfer improve his golf game:

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