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Funny Golfing Jokes, Hilarious Golfing Humor
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Putting Quotes and Wisdom:
For every golfer who's ever drop-kicked, thrown, slammed or     
broken their putter out of anger, we feel your pain (The rest of  
you are lying bastards, by the way). A collection of putting         
quotes and wisdom from some of the game's greats...
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Golf Pro Jokes and Teaching Pro Humor:
No, not jokes about Tiger Woods and his PGA Tour pals...
we're talking about the golf pro at your local course and/or the
teaching pro who spends countless hours trying to teach lonely
old ladies and annoying young kids how to hit a golf ball...
New Drug Makes You Bigger and Longer...Off the Tee:
Gone are the days of puny, pathetic drives and all the shame
and ridicule that accompany them.  Step up to the tee box with
a renewed sense of confidence and...
Funny Golf Quotes and Golf One Liners:
Next time you're out on the golf course, feel free to drop some
knowledge on your playing partner by busting out some of the
gems listed below. He'll be so impressed by your wit and charm
that he'll probably invite you back to his house after...
Golf Practice Quotes and General Golf Wisdom:
Nobody (not Jack, not Arnie, not Tiger) was born a great golfer.
Believe it or not, it takes years and years of hard work just to
become good at the game of golf, let alone great..
Funny Golf Jokes for Married Guys:
For every married guy out on the golf course there's a wife
sitting at home who either loves or hates the fact that he's out
drinking and enjoying himself. Golf has probably saved more
marriages than Dr. Phil and ruined more marriages...
Quotes About Hitting The Driver:
Sadly, most of us can't find the fairway regularly no matter how
wide and inviting it may be. Check out our collection of quotes
about the beauty (and the horror) of hitting the driver...
Golf Jokes About Women | Woman Golfer Humor:
Surely, there are some golf jokes out there that don't paint
women as whores, airheads and pitifully slow golfers.  
Unfortunately, we couldn't find any of those jokes, so we're left
with the following collection of jokes about ladies..
Funny Golf Slang and Golf Terminology:
If you don't know what 'Al Qaeda Camel' means, or what type of
shot elicits an 'OJ Simpson' or an 'Elton John,' then you had
better read on and find out just what kind of comedy you've
been missing out on. You're bound to witness..
Tiger Woods Jokes | The Tiger Woods Scandal:
Who knew the world's greatest golfer was also the world's
greatest man-whore? Certainly not us, but that doesn't mean
we can't have a little fun at Tiger "The Cheetah" Woods
expense. Check out the funny jokes and pictures...
Golf Jokes and Religion | The Golfer's Prayer:
For every golfer who's secretly prayed for a fortuitous bounce
around the green, for a putt to find the hole or for the
miraculous salvation of a golf ball that was destined for disaster,
you're sure to get a kick out of these..
Ask The Golf Pro: Vol.1, Flop Shots and PGA Shouts:
We've opened up the reader mailbag and selected a few
questions from inquisitive golfers to be answered by our favorite
golf pro in our first installment of 'Ask The Golf Pro.' This is not
your grandfather's golf advice column..
Golf Wagers and Side Bets | Gambling on the Course #1:
Whether it's a friendly Nassau match amongst friends or a cut
throat Skins game for big bucks, there's nothing more satisfying
than winning some cash from your fellow golfers. We've
compiled a list of some of the best golf betting games..
Golf Wagers and Side Bets | Gambling on the Course #2:
Betting on the golf course is like drinking on the golf course's always encouraged and makes for a much more enjoyable
round of golf. Check out some of the best golf wagers detailed
here, such as Vegas, Garbage, Zoo Golf, Chicago and..
Ask The Golf Pro: Vol.2, Par 3 Strategy and Golf Attire:
He's back again with another installment of 'Ask The Golf Pro.'
This time our resident golf pro is answering a couple of
questions: one about proper golf attire and another about
strategy when playing long par 3s. You're sure to learn...
Funny Golf Pictures | Humorous Golf Images:
We've scoured the internet to find some of the funniest golf
pictures and golfing images around, added our own mix of
insightful commentary and humorous observations, creating a
truly transcendental experience....
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Funny Golf Pictures | Hilarious Golf Pix, Page 2:
We've searched long and hard (hehe) to find some of the most
hilarious golf pictures ever taken. Our 2nd set of awesomely
funny golf pictures can be found here, along with the insight
you've come to expect from us....
Funny Golf Shirts and Gifts For Golfers:
Whether you're an avid golfer or you just know someone who
loves the game of golf, check out our collection of funny golf
shirts and humorous golfer gifts to share your passion...
Caddy Jokes and Caddy Humor:
The caddies get their revenge in this collection of caddy jokes.  
For every looper, jock or bagman who's ever had to put up        
with some pompous jackass all day, these jokes...
Top 10 List: Why We Attempt 'Miracle' Golf Shots:
Nearly every shot you hit on the golf course is an exercise in
Risk / Reward analysis. Where should I aim...where is the best
place to miss...should I go for it from here? We're going to
examine the rationale behind trying to pull off...
Ask The Golf Pro: Vol.3, Putting Tips and LPGA Hotties:
Willy is back with another installment of 'Ask The Golf Pro.' This
time our resident golf pro is fielding questions about the LPGA
'boner index' as well as dropping some tips on how to become a
better putter. Follow along as we probe the depths...
Why You're Not Tiger Woods (on the putting green):
There are countless reasons why the average golfer cannot
play at the professional level, let alone the Tiger Woods level.  
We're going to examine one of the most glaring differences
between a weekend hack and a golf pro: putting...